Auroville Art Camp

Auroville Art Camp & Festival 2019

Artists from all over India and Aurovilian Artists will work during one week at creating an individual artwork on the theme “A New World is possible” extracted from a quotation of the Mother.

A final exhibition will take place at Centre d’Art on March 24th opening at 5 pm. The artworks done by the artists during the Auroville Art Camp will be displayed in the gallery till Sunday March 31rd included. Exceptionally the gallery will remain open on Sundays.

During the art camp week, some public art sessions have been organised Auroville Auroville Visitors Centre and Cripa. A collective art installation and a wall fresco will be done by the artists. Monna Maier and Marco S. will photograph the art camp and their photos will be screened the day after at Cripa from 6:00 onwards. The whole week will be screened in the Centre d’Art Conference Room during the opening of the exhibition.

During evenings, performing artists from Auroville have created especially for the art camp’s week a piece on the theme of the art camp “A New World is possible”