Valorizing the photographic archives relating to the adventure of Auroville since its inauguration on-site from 1968 onwards: its construction, its architectural development, the implantation of communities and everyday life in all its aspects.

Until now, I have been carefully preserving these archives in France; they are the result of my work. One of the first activities of the Centre d’Art at Citadines will be to sort through, classify and digitize these documents, preserve them, contribute to editing and publication, and compile general information on the conditions of the city’s development from Christmas 1970 onwards.

Dominique Darr , September 2010

Centre d’Art Archive collection consists of about ninety five thousands negatives and slides taken by Dominique Darr during her travels to Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Greece, Italy, African continent but mainly of an invaluable documentation on the development of Auroville since the 70’s.

Most media used by her were 35mm and 120mm negative films and 35mm colour slides. Additionally we have got a few thousands of argentic photo prints, most of them done by Dominique herself in Paris, as well as a dozen thousands of digital shots she took with her Nikon D300 that was her last contribution to the archive.

The archives also contains correspondence since 1973.

All the films and prints are stored in a cold room with a constant temperature and humidity control and adjustment.


A library of about 450 art books is available on site.