Scan Lab

Our scanning department has started its work from August 2019 with digitalising a collection of about forty thousands of 35mm negative films taken by Dominique Darr in 60th and 70th with Nokin S4 film camera.

We will follow with scanning our collection of colour slides.

All the digital files are properly recorded and processed by Capture One software. We are targeting all the files with correct tags and keyword for easy search in the future.

Our Photo Negative Scanning Services

On the complition the digitaling our archive collection we will provide a scanning service to community and all others.

We’ve designed our service from the ground up around the idea of a technician individually processing and correcting your images as needed.

Scanning negatives to convert them to digital images is just one part of our negative scanning service. Beyond that, each image requires some amount of repair and correction since color slides inevitably experience color shifts and scratches over time (unless you’ve stored them in archival-quality, subzero conditions). We routinely carry out the following fixes to make your digitized negative images look their best.
Re-orientation / Cropping / Scratch and dust removal / Color correction / Red-eye removal.

In short, for our standard negative scanning service, a technician will spend approximately five minutes per negative addressing all of the problems above, and then some. Based on our experience scanning millions of negatives, this produces amazing quality almost all of the time, for just pennies per image. (Some negatives may be so damaged they require our expert photo restoration service, but that’s relatively rare).

Our Negative Scanning Quality

Chances are, your negatives are some of the most precious things you have. They’re actually much more precious than prints of the same image, since the negatives will usually produce much better scans. And some images may only exist as negatives, making them all the more valuable.