Roots from the Sky ⵣ

by Cedric Bregnard

Open Call to Auroville Artists

Artists from all fields and backgrounds are invited to join the co-creation of an improvised group performance in response to Cedric Bregnard’s Banyan Tree Installation at Centre d’Art, Citadines on Saturday 18th March, 3-5pm.    

This call is open to artists who, over the years, have developed a particular connection to the land and to the banyan tree at Matrimandir Gardens, as well as for artists who want to reinterpret and respond to Cedric’s installation through their own medium and personal tools of expression.

The project includes one evening workshop on improvised group performance with Marco Novara on Friday 17th from 4 to 7pm in CRIPA, which is compulsory for all participants, and the performance at Centre d’Art, Citadines on Saturday 18th March, 3-5pm.

For information: Marco: (WA)+353877420282