Dominique Darr

Photographic reporter Dominique Darr was born in Paris in 1932. She left her body  Decembre 25 th 2016 in Auroville while she was preparing what became her last exhibition. After studying Fine Arts and Decoration, she worked as a wood carver and colourist for an art publishing house. During her many trips abroad, she developed an interest in photography and started covering events for the press and publishers in the Mediterranean Worl, in Africa and in the far East. From 1970 on, she regulary visited India, where she witnessed year by year the growth of Auroville and gathered an enormous  quantity of thousands of pictures dealing mainly with Matrimandir’s construction and everyday life of Auroville Inhabitants.

Her books

Matrimandir Book

Paris-based photographer Dominique Darr’s book is at once a visual treat, a compelling story of the making of the Matrimandir and a loving tribute to the stellar spiritual emblem in Auroville.

The book, ‘Matrimandir,’ published by Archana Press New Delhi, is coming out as a bilingual in French and English. […]

Japon des Réalités

This book  born from the collaboration of Dominique Darr and the writer Marcel Giuglaris presents a novel Japan.

We discover a country in full transformation, projected towards the future, in balance between tradition and the challenges of an irreversible technological and social evolution.

The book “ Japon des realites is published by Marcus Press – Paris