28th November to 19th December 2020


Photography Workshop by Marco Saroldi

This workshop is for advanced and serious enthusiast photographers who want to advance their knowledge. Nowadays the photographer has to go beyond the supposed quality of his single pictures, he has to think differently. Photographer needs to be able to read and tell good stories rather than shoot beautiful images.

What and how we should photograph to distinguish ourselves among the millions of wonderful images shot every day in the world? How can we develop a project that makes us feel authors and not just images producers?

The workshop will start with a quick reflection about the history of Photography up to the analysis of the work of contemporary photographers who developed good projects reaching the most famous galleries in the world. Then we will try to build interesting projects following the aspirations and the interest of each participant.

The goal is that at the end of the workshop every participant could have a good project done, and the tools to build new good projects in future.

Workshop schedule: 7 days between Saturday 28th Nov to Saturday 19th Dec 2020.

Workshop dates: Sat 28 Nov, Wed 02 Dec, Sat 05 Dec, Wed 09 Dec, Sat 12 Dec, Wed 16 Dec, Sat 19 Dec.

Time: 5.00pm – 6.30pm.

Venue: Multimedia room at Centre d’Art, Citadines,Auroville.

Registation Contact:  [email protected]

Thursday 19th March 2020

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Benjamin Larroquette is a Regional Technical Advisor for the United Nations Development programme covering Asia and Africa.

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