by Danasegar S

From 16 February to 2 March 2024

Tuesday to Saturday 11am-5pm

Opening on Friday 16 February at 4.30pm

Entering Danasegar’s world is accepting to get lost in a labyrinth.
His work is double-bottomed, like a magician’s trunk piled high with the artist’s past and present experiences.
Each painting is a dreamlike composition where the notion of time and space is no longer, a distillate of emotions.

It is precisely here that the ambiguity evoked by the artist lies, this ability to render these intense sensations while remaining somehow alien to the process, as if in a trance.
He opens up his inner worlds to our unfamiliar eyes, without really knowing what’s going on there, as if hoping to discover it through the eyes of others.
“I am visible only if there is a mirror reflecting me”, he says.

As long as Danasegar doesn’t see himself, as long as the mystery persists, the symbiotic bond with his creature is preserved, then when he finally understands what he’s done, when the painting is finished, it is then that detachment happens.

It’s a game of mirrors, an invitation to find and lose oneself, for us, the spectators allowed to wander through these disconcerting dreams, for him, the artist emerging from the trance, almost forgetful of his identity like an awakened shaman.

Dominique Jacques 2024