From my organized chaos

Aabhas Mahindre

18th November to 3rd December 2022

Monday to Saturday 2pm – 5pm

Opening on Friday 18th November at 4pm

Exhibition overview

This exhibition is long time in making ever since the first lockdown settled us away

from all the world. Settling the world around us to stillness. Which drew my mind and

attention towards the chaos inside my thoughts and the layers of memories

accumulated over the years. sorting through it over the years resulted in the form of

” from my organized chaos ” which is to be displayed in this exhibition.

Artist Statement

From my organized chaos.

As our mind is full of thoughts and memories which piles up slowly layer by layer,

It’s kind of a mess, Like my working space where there are lots of things collected

over the time as i have been working, few of these were used and few were left

unused. In my work I have slowly organized it, taking and arranging it. Whilst working,

I discovered every object has a memory connected to it and have a tiny story of its own.

Which becomes a hook in innumerable memories. These works of mine have turned

into a memorable diary. My work often lingers on common thing which is around us. I

try to collect, as in cosmos, nothing is useless and everything is used and to be

reused. I like to take the time out to see the beauty of the marks people make on the

world knowingly or unknowingly . Treasure the ordinary: whatever is made out of

caring. Find the beauty in some cluttered, nature, around everyday objects and

stories while it’s still around us.

Aabhas Mahindre