by tlc

11th to 26th March 2022

Monday to Saturday 10am-12pm & 2.30pm-5pm

Movie every afternoon at 4pm

Opening on Wednesday 11th March at 4.30pm

The world is crying out for change, in every area of human development.

Pedagogy has, since the beginnings, had the purpose of developing sustainable answers to contemporary needs in society, and to school future generations towards this.

The educational systems of the world today grew from a need for efficiency of the Industrial Revolution of the 1800’s, economic profit continues to be the driver and criteria for successful schooling, but a pedagogy designed for that can no longer be seen as the solution to the vastness of challenges the world is facing.

Humanity has reached a point where our present circumstances have no solutions in past practices, and need to be studied as a completely new phenomenon.

Education needs to rediscover its role of guiding towards new forms of unity and responsibility, for the creation of actual earth citizenship. 

How to redesign education with this specific evolutionary purpose?

The purpose of Integral Education is to try to create the conditions for the emergence of a new way of being on Earth.

But how do we put it into practice?

This exhibition aims at sharing our journey in this quest.

It is a result of a year filming and photographing the daily life in TLC, while researching on how to assess free progress in the daily practice.

It is a journey into the self with all its possibilities and potentialities: a journey of trust in the process while facing the challenges between the dream of tomorrow and the reality of today.

This work is an invitation to connect and share while walking this new path.


Auroville is a place offering the opportunity to discover new ways of education for this change in humanity. The Learning Community (TLC) was created for this exploration and research.

TLC is not a school, it’s a living experiment, a framework for inner and outer growth. It’s a community-based learning environment aiming to make pedagogy alive by moving away from classrooms and pre-determined syllabus and allow for the unfolding of each learner’s idiosyncratic journey, following individual learning styles, rhythms and interests.

It embraces an unending education, at all ages and on all levels of the being and draws inspiration from values such as freedom with responsibility, care for oneself, others and the environment, non-violent communication, and rooting oneself in the capacity for engagement together with reflection.

TLC is not a fait accompli.