Mexico 1966-1967

by dominique darr

28th October to 12th November 2022

Monday to Saturday 2pm to 5pm

Opening on Friday 28th October at 4.30pm

Dominique Darr, Mexico 1966-1967

The Fondation Art et Recherche de Dominique Darr (FdD) and the Centre d’Art Auroville are very pleased to present a new exhibition of Dominique Darr’s photographs.

We know Dominique’s work in Auroville well, but much of his work remains unpublished to this day. At the end of 1966 Dominique traveled to Mexico for several months. She took nearly 8000 black and white and color photographs during this trip. The archive department has just completed the digitalisation of this vast collection. This new selection of black and white images offers an opportunity to appreciate a part of her collection that we hope will become increasingly visible through the evolution and dissemination of the work of the FdD Archives Department.

Dominique’s tender gaze was focused on the evolution of Mexican society and the influence of North American culture. Dominique was not content with just visiting famous archaeological sites, she put on Mexico a real reporter photographer’s eye and sometimes even an artist documentary eye.

The exhibition Dominique Darr, Mexico 1966-1967 is the result of a collaboration between the Centre d’Art archive department, in collaboration with Francine Finck, member of the Fonds de dotation Art et Recherche and Sébastien Leseigneur, curator invited as part of his voluntary work in Auroville.