Soft Self

Inner Multiplicity and Gentleness

BY Lisa Suchanek

From 17 November to 2 December 2023

Monday to Saturday  10.30am-12.30pm & 3.30-5pm

Opening on 17 November at 4.30pm

An art research project with writings and mixed media paintings by Lisa Suchanek

This exhibition presents a personal and sensory play of materials and storytelling inspired by various spiritual perspectives and modern mental health research. Expressed in figures, textures, colours and words, its core theme is the paradoxical nature of life energy and the practice of holding it with gentleness:

Even though life shakes and inner defences emerge, it is safe for me to feel and to curiously rummage the forgotten pockets within. To abdicate that which is beyond, while taking soft responsibility for that which is here. Drifting with deliberate care — expanding, not breaking — learning to become a good place for others and for the many parts within.


Lisa Suchanek is a mixed media painter living in Auroville.
The last few years she has been curiously inquiring inwardly and outwardly into various body-centred healing practices and psychological theories that embrace multiplicity.
She gradually began to apply these modalities to her painting as a practice of embodiment, healing, self-discovery and spiritual inquiry.
Her work is inspired by inner honesty, softness and inclusivity.