the long now

by david blamey

From 29 March to 13 April 2024

Monday to Friday 2-5pm

Saturday 10am-12pm & 2-5pm

Opening on Friday 29 March at 4pm

Made in direct response to the situation that I found myself in upon arrival, this body of new work was made in Auroville between February and March 2024.

The painting objects, installation, sculptures, drawings and fabric assemblages displayed here sit consciously in the margins between art history, everyday reality and the transformative moments that one experiences as an alien observer in someone else’s world. My point of view has been that of a visitor, a passer-by, an occasional participant observer and, I hope, a friend.

On reflection, Auroville has revealed itself gradually to me as a unique crucible for otherworldly focus and aspiration set within a broader context of real world necessity and challenge. I hope that my modest attempt to process some of the immediately observable dynamics at play will stimulate further conversations and maybe even bring a smile to someone’s face.

My exhibition’s title, ‘The Long Now’, is indicative of a longstanding personal aspiration to live more in the moment and find peace of mind. When Sri Aurobindo says, “All life is yoga” I reply, “All life is art”.

David Blamey

about the artist

David Blamey is the artist selected by Centre d’Art for the 2023-24 residency programme. He has been working for two months in Auroville on his new project ‘The Long Now’.
David Blamey lives and works in London and SW France. His work encompasses several activities that overlap to form a multidimensional practice that eludes conventional categorisation. To this end, his projects are positioned consciously within a range of public situations, both inside and beyond the art gallery.
For over 30 years he has travelled and carried out research in India. In 2006 he was awarded the Arts Council of England’s Prayog International Artist Fellowship and in 2017 his film ‘Rice’ was selected for the Mumbai International Film Festival before being screened worldwide at different venues; winning best world film at the Rome Agri Culture film Festival (2019) and best no-dialogue film at the Prague International Film Festival (2024).
’The Long Now’ will present a number of new works made on site in Auroville, including: drawings, painting objects, book objects, sculpture and installation.